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3 reasons why I am happy!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Number 1, this is my first ever blog and want to make it extra special, how I am going to do that who knows!

Number 2, I have managed with the help of videos and a masterclass in website building, I published my very first one for my beauty and training business, Just the Tonic Beauty & Training if you were not already aware!

Number 3, I am just a happy, positive person 😊

So let’s go back to number 1, I have read other blogs and thought wow I really want to do something like that but where do I start, I hadn’t a clue!

In came google so I googled blogs (I just love google because you can be so nosey about anybody or anything, I take after my mother!) and I found some interesting bits about blogging, but thought nah this is too hard for a woman of my age to start getting into, so I gave up and left it to the young ones.

Now during the lockdown, I have achieved so much, my AET level 3, sorted out my training business, and much more oh and I have hoovered the house more than 3 times! I can be lazy on housework unfortunately, anyway whilst scrolling through facebook one day I came across a masterclass in websites! Well hello, I need this right now.

So, I signed up and watched all 3 videos, and oh goodness I am building a website, nope not dreaming it, it is there in all its glory. This is number 2 by the way as to why I am happy.

Once I built my website, (there are still a few tweaks to be done), it was ready to publish, phew there is a button to publish it, so pressed it and voila its published! I was so excited I messaged my daughter straightaway, (but somehow managed to send a voice message in my excitement!) and I put my website address into google search, and oh where is it!, I cannot find it, so feeling a bit disappointed, I googled and researched some more, and found that you need to complete SEO, ok, what’s this then. So I pressed the help button on my website builder and apparently I had requested for some American person to get in touch, so three missed calls later (I didn’t want to talk to them) I managed, through my own determination, to work out how to get my website onto google without the help of Mr. American, who probably would have charged me a fair bit, the relief and excitement was overwhelming, this 50 something woman has achieved something I never thought I would and so happy that I am now on google! Just got to get it further up, but hey I am on it!

So, my first blog is all about my website, and I hope to blog again soon, and tell you lovely people why there are more reasons why I am happy 😊

Have an amazing day and stay safe.

Karen xx

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